I use to live my life alone but in my dreams I’m always with her and she loves me like no one on this Earth did and makes me feel protected and loved. Her love is so warm and tender and has something maternal too. Unfortunately I don’t know her in my real life but in my dreams she is always with me and I need her affection like a child.

This song describes the best what I feel only in my dreams. I wish she was real and I could “dive in her arms” and feel her love.  If she was real I would give her my love and my all and put her in the center of my universe.The drawings in the video are my drawings representing me and her.
Here are the lyrics
Impact vs. Moving Elements – LIKE A CHILD
I gave you my love
I gave you my all
There is nobody else
I know who you are
Why don’t you stay
I night and a day
I wanna dive into your arms
I keep holdin’ on to your love
Like a child
Craving, burning, yearning for your love
Promise me you’ll always be there
When i need you, when i’m calling for your love
Touch my heart
Hold my hand
Make love to me
I need your love