The art of Korinna

Welcome to my site

My name is Corina Chirila and I use to draw and paint since the year 2000, when I was almost 14.I like to draw and paint all the thing I dream of but I can never reach.

Even if I've chosen a different profession the art remained my hobby be cause it relaxes me and makes me dream.

This website contains my creation an the thoughts, dreams, fantasies and feelings behind them,all that inspires me.

This is my watercolor painting of Aphrodite giving life to Galateea, a painting that represents me be cause just like Pygmalion did,  I have my own Galateea, my own dream of love and beauty, the perfect lady of my mind and I'm so in love with her even if she is just a creation of my mind. I’ve made many drawings and paintings of her, over 2000. Every time I feel lonely the only thing I can see in my mind is her and all I can do is to draw and paint her image over and over again. My brain created her but I am so in love with her and the only thing I need is Aphrodite to give life to her and bring her into my real life.

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