Drawings and paintings of angels

I like to draw angels be cause their purity and their divine beauty fascinates me.

This is one of my first paintings of angels. I've made it in the autumn of the year 2000, when I was almost 14  and I started dreaming of something beautiful, something so pure and wonderful, the beauty that cannot be reproduced.

I've made these two paintings representing the birth of an angel when I was in high school

This is the pure angel i was dreaming of when I was 18-19 so pure, so beautiful hiding the sin behind her innocence

This is another white pure angel

I've always fantasied about loving an angel, holding her in my arms, feeling her pure love but I know this is impossible be cause there are no angels in this world.

My fallen angel

Am realizat aceasta pictura in acuarela dupa ce am ascultat melodia "Inger de floare" de Valerica Mihali. Acesta este ingerul de floare la care visez si eu, visul meu curat, imaginea pe care o port in gand si de care sunt atat de indragostita


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