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Who was Eminescu’s muse?

  Lacul - pictura

I’ve always wondered who was the muse of Mihai Eminescu, one of the greatest poets in Romania. Who  was that innocent young girl with golden hair, white shin and blue eyes he wrote about in many of his poems?


Many of us know about Veronica Micle but Veronica Micle was not the great love of Mihai Eminescu, that mysterious girl in his poems was. Ha always said in his poems that his muse was a virgin, a very young girl with golden hair while Veronica was already married and had a child when Eminescu knew her and Veronica’s hair was dark, not blonde

Some people say she was an imaginary ideal woman he was only dreaming. This may be my case but not Eminescu’s case.That beautiful girl really existed in his life. He has some poems where he says she is dead. I thing these poems were written for the girl Eminescu loved when he was just a teenager, a girl in his village who died when she was just 19. Eminescu could never forget her and she was in all of his poems, like a ghost from the past. His poems made me dream of her and fall in love with her too. She was so beautiful, no only physically, she had a wonderful soul. She was like an angel, so beautiful, so pure.  I wish she was real. I’ve made many drawings and paintings of her until now

Muza lui Mihai Eminescu

This is my drawing of her inspired from one of Eminescu’s poems

For the poems and more drawings inspired by this poems go to http://universeminescian.yolasite.com/


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