Drawings and painting of women in space

This is one of my fantasies: me and a beautiful woman with butterfly wings on a sphere in space in the light of the stars and galaxies, with many transparent liquid spheres around us.

"Woman between the stars and star among women"these were the words of Mihai Eminescu . For 10 years I see her all around me, I see her in stars, I see her in all nature like Eminescu did be cause she is the goddess of my mental universe. I see her shining  brighter than any star and if she was real I would put her in the center of my universe. like Sappho said
The stars about the lovely moon
"Fade back and vanish very soon,
When, round and full, her silver face
Swims into sight, and lights all space. "
This is a pen drawing and a painting I've made 10 years ago thinking about her


Univers Univers2

I've made these two drawings 10 years ago, when I was just 14 ani and I started dreaming of an universe where there's just me and her, the cosmic Eve of my mind, the one I've always wanted to be next to me, but by that time in the year 2000,when I was almost 14 I started feeling that strong desire that inspired me and I needed to draw and paint all I feel

Now, like I did then I use to dream of the same things, the same wonderful universe, the blue starlight, the beauty of a nebula, the white-pinkish galaxies and a planet where there's just me and her

Here are the newest pen drawings I've made thinking about the same thing.

EvaCosmica-01 EvaCosmica[7]


I whish I was there, on a space ship with a beautiful woman. I wish we could stay together an watch the stars, the Milky Way and Saturn. I wish… but it will never be real so this pen drawing was the only thing I could do thinking about this 

Pen drawing and oil painting representing Mother Earth


These is a painting I’ve made 10 years ago….


…and these is a pen drawing I’ve made these week.

10 years passed since I’ve started drawing and painting and I still feel the same emotions, I still dream of alien oceans shining in the blue light of a supernova. I still dream of a water nymph rising from the living ocean of love and shining in the blue supernova light. I wish I was there with her hold her, and feel her body like a summer rain even if she would flow between my fingers like water


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